Less than 25% of adults in Pennsylvania are up to date with these clinical preventive services:

  • The influenza vaccine
  • Breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings
  • West Philadelphia has the highest rate of preventable hospitalizations of all of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
  • Over 10% of people in the state needed to see a doctor in the past year, but could not because of cost.
  • Blacks/African Americans in Philadelphia have the shortest life expectancy compared to other major races and ethnicities.
  • The leading causes of death for someone age 65 or older include heart disease, cancer, and respiratory conditions.

Spectrum offers the following services to maintain good adult health:

  • Vaccinations, screenings, and other clinical preventive services.  You should visit your doctor at least once a year for routine preventive care.
  • Annual physicals including blood work to screen for various illnesses and diseases.
  • Quality healthcare regardless of an individual's ability to pay.  We accept most insurances, and discounted fees are based on household income and family size.
  • Geriatric care management.