• Black/African American men are at a higher risk for developing colorectal cancer than men of other ethnicities.
  • Men are more likely to smoke, drink, and engage in “risky behavior” and significantly less likely to seek preventative healthcare than women. 
  • Preventative healthcare contributes directly to longevity of life, reductions in hospital stays, and unnecessary emergency room visits. 
  • Nearly one third of males in the United States ages 20 and older have hypertension (high blood pressure).  
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American men, followed by cancer.

Spectrum offers the following services to maintain good men’s health:

  • Blood pressure checks: you should have your blood pressure screened every 2 years unless it is 120-139/80-89 or higher.  Then have it checked annually.
  • Cholesterol and heart disease screenings.  You should be screened every 5 years starting at age 34.  Lab services available for lipid panel screenings at Spectrum.
  • Colon and prostate cancer screenings.  You should be screened regularly starting at age 50, or for Blacks/African Americans, age 45.  
  • Case management services to connect you with the appropriate agency if you have a physical and/or mental disability and would like assistance transitioning back into society.  
  • Behavioral health support for depression and anxiety.