September Food of the Month - Apples


With summer wrapping up and school starting, September is a time for new beginnings for many people.  It’s an excellent time to reflect on your current health habits and set goals for improvement if needed! 

Did you know that less than 15% of Americans meet the recommendation for fruit intake? While 1 ½ to 2 cups are recommended, a majority of Americans are falling short.  Apples, which are in season in Pennsylvania now through the end of October, are a low cost, convenient way to add an extra serving of fruit to your day!  One medium apple is the equivalent of one cup and makes a great lunchbox snack or salad topping.  They can also be used to add natural sweetness to breakfast items such as yogurt, hot cereal, pancakes, and waffles.  Try buying in bulk (for example the bag of apples instead of the individual ones) to get the most apples for your dollar!

Article written by Spectrum nutritionist Christina LiPuma, RDN, LDN