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Our Community Health Education program provides comprehensive sexual health information, support, and access to services designed to assist teens in making educated and healthy choices.  Our curriculum is medically accurate, culturally relevant, evidence-informed and age appropriate.  Presentations (available in English or Spanish) are designed to complement existing curricula and are available on a variety of topics including: Sexually Transmitted Infections and their prevention, Pregnancy Prevention and Contraception, Reproductive Justice, Peer Education, and Family Communication.

Comprehensive sexual health education*  includes information about abstinence as well as the benefits and consequences of condoms and contraceptives. Comprehensive sexuality education helps youth delay the initiation of sexual intimacy and make safer choices when they choose to become sexually active. Study after study shows that youth who receive science-based comprehensive sexual health education at home and at school:

  • Remain abstinent and delay the onset of sexual activity;
  • Increase correct and consistent use of condoms and contraceptives;
  • Reduce the number of sexual encounters, and
  • Reduce the number of sexual partners.

We will work with you!

We modify or design a presentation to meet your particular needs, but keep in mind that our curriculum already meets the following criteria:

  • Science-based
  • Medically accurate
  • Culturally-competent
  • Age-appropriate

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