We welcome medical students and residents, as well as nurse practitioner students, for rotation opportunities at Spectrum Health Services. We have extensive experience in precepting students and residents at all levels of training. During their rotation, trainees work primarily at one of Spectrum’s locations by seeing patients with a designated preceptor. The clinical day at Spectrum is from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, Monday-Thursday.

Rotation Goals:

• Increased competency in providing standard primary medical care in a continuity model, involving both acute and preventive services.
• Increased appreciation for the challenges/barriers to providing healthcare in an urban underserved community, including the impact of substance abuse, mental health disease, poverty and health care access barriers.

Initial Inquiry and Request for Rotation Application and Packet:

Please contact our Human Resources Coordinator through the form below. We will contact you and, if the dates requested are available, an application and rotations packet will be emailed to you for completion.
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Appointments & Patient Services: