Welcome to Spectrum’s Weight Management Program!


Spectrum’s weight management program is approximately 13 weeks; during this time, you will work collaboratively with our physician, registered dietitian nutritionist, behavioral health provider and other team members on a weekly basis to accomplish your weight loss goals.  This will be achieved through a number of interventions, including lifestyle changes (such as diet and exercise), weight loss medication, and consultations for bariatric surgery.

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Courtney Lee-Powell, MD (family practice physician)
  • Dr. Julie Montone, MD (family practice physician)
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist)
  • Behavioral Health Provider’s
  • Case Manager’s
  • Medical Assistant’s
  • Scheduler’s

To take part in the program, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee each week on Monday or Tuesday.  During this appointment you will also meet with other providers, however, you do not need to schedule these appointments as these providers will meet with you as part of your medical visit.  
You will see…

  • The doctor weekly (this is the appointment you schedule)
  • The dietitian every other week
  • The behavioral health provider monthly (or more frequently as needed)
  • The other team members as needed


What if I miss a week (or several)?
No worries!  Just schedule an appointment the following week and we will help you pick back up where you left off.
Can I schedule all of my weekly visits in advance?
Yes!  This is highly encouraged, especially for people who know they will be free at a certain time each week.  
Should I log what I eat each week?
Yes! This will help your providers assist you in optimizing your diet.  We recommend you fill out both sides of the provided forms to record all food, exercise and thoughts/emotions tied to eating.