Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health

We take a holistic approach to healthcare and recovery, which necessitates that each person have a healthy mind and body.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Our multidisciplinary team of behavioral health specialists has the expertise to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders to help get the patient back to a healthy lifestyle.

Collaborative Care

Our goal is to fully combine our primary and behavioral healthcare expertise so every patient can receive a complete diagnosis, the most effective treatment, and the necessary follow-up.
Behavioral Healthcare Treatment
Spectrum Health Services, Inc., is dedicated to helping patients achieve the balance, health and well-being necessary to effectively deal with addictions and mental and emotional challenges.

MAT (Medication Assistance Treatment)

Our team of specialists can work to combine behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders.
We provide the following services:

  • Brief Interventions and Treatments
  • Chronic Health Disease Management
  • Screenings
    • Depression Screenings
    • Anxiety Screenings
    • Smoke Cessation
    • Trauma Screenings
    • Binge Eating Screenings
    • Diabetes Management Screenings
    • Diabetes Distress Screenings