How Can We Help You?

Spectrum Community Health Center (SCHC)

5201 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19139

Broad Street Health Center (BSHC)

1415 North Broad Street, Suite 224, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Reed Street Health Center (RSHC)

Suite 300, 1325 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Report a Patient Safety Event

If you have questions about how to report a patient safety event or concern, contact Spectrum Health Services Chief Compliance Office.
Spectrum Health Services, Inc.

Chief Compliance Officer
5201 Haverford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Phone: 215-472-6097, extension 3041
Fax: 215-472-6093

To report a patient compliant click the following link:  https://spectrumhs.secure.force.com/

Do you have questions, comments or concerns?

Our goal is to provide the best patient care. Any questions or concerns regarding patient care please contact the Call Center at: 267-670-7119 or send a message to your provider through patient portal.